11000 Beograd
Terazije 10
Tel.: +381 11 3613-517

Bul. Vojvode Mišića 10
Tel.: +381 11 3691-132
Fax: +381 11 3691-002
E-mail: office@jugosped.co.yu


Branch for storage and transport disposes over 5200m2 of storage area in the str. Boulevard Vojvode Mišića 10, as well as 1175 m2 of storage area on the Belgrade Fair and 560 m2 of the customs storage on the train station. During rental of storage area, all services are included, such as: handing out of goods and keeping files on it, loading and unloading, manipulation of goods in the storage area.
The storages are made of solid construction material and their size varies from 50m2 up till 700 m2, depending on the wishes of the Renter. Branch for storage and transport also had at its disposal 830 m2 of business area in str. Boulevard Vojvode Mišića 10. All the offices are mainly the size of 32 m2.
Transport part has the following vehicles at its disposal: 4 trucks with the capacity of 7t and 4 pick-ups, as well as 11 motor forklifts with the capacity of 2t, 3t, 5t and 8t. A certain number of forklifts is registered to perform jobs in the center city part, and if necessary, outside the city area. Transport branch has also at its disposal 1 automobile jack
with the capacity of 16t.

All services are charged according to the effective tariff of "Jugošped" ltd.

Contact Persons & Telephones :
Dejan Stamatović - +381 11 3691-533 & GSM: 064/110-52-17
Milutin Stojanović - +381 11 3690-533 & GSM: 063/859-84-89
Živadin Stojadinović - +381 11 3690-577 & GSM: 063/865-48-25
Mirjana Peruničić - +381 11 3691-162 & GSM: 064/164-75-95

E-mail: transport@jugosped.co.yu

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