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Since the end of World War Two until present days, "Jugošped" has undergone several organizational phases. At first, it functioned as a State-owned shipping company, as early as in 1945. “Detrans” arose later on with branches all over ex-Yugoslavia and that in: Zagreb , Ljubljana , Rijeka , Sarajevo , Novi Sad , etc.
As a company of common state significance that performs international freight forwarding, in 1947 “Transjug” was formed. In 1949 all the “Transjug” companies were joined into one company (the companies from Belgrade , Zagreb , Ljubljana , Rijeka , Split , Skopje , Šibenik, Dubrovnik , Novi Sad and Sarajevo ). The new company was named “Transjug” CENTRAL Belgrade , while the companies from the above-mentioned cities became branches of this new company.
After the Law on Self-management was passed in 1951, specialization and decentralization in international freight forwarding took place. “Transjug” CENTRAL ceased to exist and the branches of this company again became independent freight forwarding companies.
After a Decision of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Serbia from 31.07.1951, a company for international shipping service “Transjug” Belgrade was formed. Its field of operations was performing international transport services, organizing storage for placement of goods and performing loco freight forwarding.
In the year 1952, more precisely, on 21.03.1951, by a Decision of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Serbia the company changed its name into “Jugošped” – Company for international freight forwarding and public storehouses. The company was registered to perform international freight forwarding on import, export and transit of goods, but also related to it, storing of goods, loco freight forwarding and performing customs handling, leasing and distribution of special railroad cars, expert railroad administrations, air- and steamer organizations, qualitative and quantitative control of goods. Later this registration was supplemented and broadened with representation of foreign transport companies for providing transport means for domestic companies and international sea agency managing, transport of perishable goods with its own transport means. Organization of the company in the form of working organizations with basic organizations of associated labor left a mark on “Jugošped” as well. This even led to the fact that at one time, ”Jugošped” was organized in 18 organizations of associated labor. This number of basic organizations reduced through time, in order to get a working organization with five basic organizations of associated labor and a community of workers.


Subject of activities is international freight forwarding, foreign-trade in transportation-agency services, domestic and international transport of goods in road traffic, activities of services of currency exchange, public storage and reloading.
Actions of international freight forwarding are carried out by us completely, in import, export, transit, in railroad, sea, river, road, air and postal traffic, and as a part of the freight forwarding jobs we perform:

- Customs - insurance
- Reload - storage
- Loco freight forwarding -moving
- Leasing ship area
- Inspection of transport documents
- Additional freezing of fast perishable goods
- Collective traffic
- Fair freight forwarding
- Organizing container transport

Our participation in the organization of transport as the “architect of transport” is of particular importance in the modernization, by organizing multimodal transport and integral transport following the concept of transport of goods “from storage house to storage house”.


"Jugošped" performs all the jobs regarding transport of goods by railroad, shipping and accepting shipments. It fills in and provides bill of ladings and other services for railroad and combined shipments, performs the control of transport documents and shipments, realized collective transport.
It also provides ship area, transport documents, organizes loading, unloading, reloading of goods and storage in Ports. As much as it is possible, we tend to use container transport.
“Jugošped” organizes shipping and delivery of goods in road transport, performs transit services. Of particular importance is the shipping and delivery of goods via Serbia to Near East.
It organizes shipping and delivery of goods in river and air transport. It provides air space on any airport in the world and performs storage in harbors.
It ships and delivers goods for satisfactory prices in postal traffic.
It provides palettes and containers for all types of transport of goods, especially for overseas transport, by doing so reducing the freight charges, saves in packaging material, shipping is faster and safety of good is higher.

Modern technology set in front of "Jugošped" specific transport tasks. It is necessary to carry out transport of heavy and over-sized items directly to the place of their building in. With the appliance of new technologies for transport of special freights, this progress can be followed.
Special fair service is trained to perform freight forwarding services on fair exhibitions on all international fairs in the country and abroad.
"Jugošped" completes shipments of a large number of purchasers in collective traffic. Collective traffic enables fast, safe and cheap transport.
In the process of organizing transport of goods, jobs of storage also have to be carried out. "Jugošped" has a wide network of its own storage houses, and if necessary engages needed storage area or organizes storage.
It enables quality and fast transport of easily perishable goods and life animals. It also performs accompanying activities: additional freezing, feeding and watering.
In consignation activities, "Jugošped" organizes all the necessary services: from transport and representation in clearing through customs until all various technical ones, depending on the type of goods.


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